Whenever you will land in any emirates, you will see a robot in UAE airports, most of them are usually greeting and you will see some robots cleaning the floor as well. This is usually a very exciting scene to see. But some people get scared and keep on saying that the end of the world is near. We understand that those robot thriller movies must have made them said this way. Because they will get along with robots when they will know that there are many benefits of having robots.

The first benefit is that they never do any kind of mistake, they are developed and programmed to do any kind of work for unthinkable hours and much more. But just like everything in this world is not perfect, even the robots have their challenges and downsides as well. And you can find out about these challenges here. Even though the best event companies in UAE now use robots to serve food and take orders from customers, there are small mishaps as well. The robot cannot dodge a person if someone unintentionally banged into them and there can be a mess that could take hours to clean.

Because the robot will be sent to the maintenance and it can cost more than the original cost. The second issue is that some people think that they will lose their jobs if there is a system like a robot that can work for all day and night without any mistakes. But it is a long discussion. The second challenge is that they will always require power. There are some robots working on solar power but this power does not stay for long hours. Let us say that a robot is assembling a BMW and the power goes off, this can be a huge loss for the factory.

The next challenge is that they are always restricted to coding, algorithms and programming. If they program is way too old, they will not work and a new one will always ask for updates and stuff. We think that they can do all kind of tasks but the fact is that they cannot do all chores of the house or working in an office. If you are crying, the robot will ignore and then get back to work.