We all know that installing a swimming pool in your house is not an easy task at all. For this purpose you have to first of all think about a suitable design which could meet your desires. On the same side you have to keep your space in mind as well. But once you are done with this challenging task and will get your swimming pool in front of you then you will definitely feel that all efforts were worth it. But wait! Before jumping in your newly installed pool, have you checked the water? If not, then make sure that you do that before because no matter how clean the water seems to be but it might not be safe for swimmers. For this purpose startup chemicals are used in the swimming pool to make sure that the water is now ready to be jumped in. Read the following article to know about all those startup swimming pool products or chemicals.

But before adding all the below chemicals in your swimming pool, make sure that you have checked the levels before by testing the water.


The first chemical that you will need to open your pool would be chlorine. You can add the granules directly or can even use chlorine tablets by placing them in floating dispenser or skimmer basket. It is believed that the chlorine tablets are better choice as they are responsible to distribute chlorine more evenly throughout the swimming pool. This chlorine will basically keep the water clean and will destroy all the harmful bacteria.


Bromine is another startup chemical which will keep your swimming pool clean and kill the harmful bacteria. It is believed that bromine lasts longer than chlorine and it is the best choice for hot water because it works better there. This is so because bromine is a heat resistant sanitizing chemical which will ionize all the contaminants of the swimming pool.

Soda ash

Here comes another important startup chemical for your swimming pool and that is soda ash or sodium bicarbonate. It is used to raise the pH of the water by increasing the total alkalinity. Soda ash is believed to be a better option than baking soda because it is less expensive. But it is advised to not use too much soda ash otherwise the pool water will become cloudy.

Apart from buying all the above chemicals, it is also advised to buy the best pool robot cleaners to keep your swimming pool clean all the time without consuming excessive time and efforts.