There are people who will try to have their own helicopters and they are earning through them and you can be one of them if you are trying to take advantage from whatever you have in your hand. You just need to have a business mind and then there will be a lot of opportunities for you. You can start providing your services to other companies like in the form of medical help or when someone wants to get a helicopter for their film shooting or you can start getting advantage on a regular basis when you start providing training of helicopter flying to young people. Many people who are trying to apply for the air force will want to have some private practice too so that when they enter in to the military academy they already know about the basic things. There are many ways to earn from the helicopter.

When there is any medical emergency and a patient has to go to another city on urgent basis then you can provide your service as it is the fastest and safest way to send patients form one area to another which is far away. If they go into any ambulance then it will take several hours to reach to the destination and till then patient may give up and there will be no benefit of using that ambulance at all. But if you are providing your helicopters for this purpose too then you have to make sure that there is proper stature for patient and medical help is also there along with the patient.

You can also earn from your helicopter when you give it to the people of entertainment industry and then they may also ask from you about the helicopter ride in Dubai price so you have to tell them according to the number of hours instead of days as in this way you will have the chance to earn more from your helicopter. You can give them a helicopter tour in Dubai in order to show them your skills when they ask to have a pilot along with the helicopter. You can also have some pilots so you can send them with people who take helicopter for rent, in this way you will be sure about the safety of your helicopter as trained people are flying.