Storage space is a need of every house hold that’s why there is a concept of store room to attic in houses but there are some people who are working from home and they need more space for their stuff or people who want to have some extra space for their raw material and they need to search for some external space as well where they can take their stuff and store that easily without any problem. You have to be careful in selecting this kind of storage facility especially when you need to get the furniture storage in Dubai because there must be some special services available for you so you can store you stuff without any tension. Here are a few packaging materials which you need to get when you want to store your stuff:


The main thing is that you have to get the boxes with you and you need to see that he boxes are good in size and in the start you can take a few different sizes and with time you will get to know about the perfect size or your stuff and you can the easily get that size. If your stuff is of same size then you have to get only one kind of boxes otherwise go for several sizes and types of boxes to pack your stuff.


You need to out a few different kinds of locks on the area that you will get from the storage facility. Sometimes they provide you the locks along with the facility area but you have to ask about your own locks and take that with you because you cannot trust their locks as any of their employee can take the keys of them and then open your area or anyone can open that with the help of keys available there.

Tapes and markers:

You have to get some very durable tapes along with you so that you can pack your boxes with them and then no one can open them except you and if anyone tries to do that then you will get to know about it and then do a case on them. You have to get some permanent markers with you and label all the boxes carefully so that you can open the exact one from which you need stuff.